The position is clear: we need a fairer broadband market and we need to be looking out for the interests of consumers.

On that basis, I’m going to try and bring this sort of content to the site. I’ve had a think about principles that could guide our approach to content here. Happy to get feedback on these.

  1. Transparent Reviews: When you review broadband providers, highlight the discrepancies, hidden fees, and any deceptive practices. Be honest and upfront about the limitations of each service.

  2. Consumer Advocacy: Dedicate a section of your site to consumer rights regarding broadband. Educate your audience on how to file complaints, what they should expect from providers, and any pertinent laws or regulations.

  3. Honest Comparisons: Instead of just comparing speed and price, also consider factors like customer service ratings, transparency in billing, and contract fairness.

  4. Investigative Articles: Regularly publish pieces that delve into controversial practices in the broadband industry. These could be in-depth explorations or interviews with disgruntled consumers.

  5. Crowdsourcing: Allow visitors to share their broadband horror stories. These testimonials can give real-world insights into what it’s like dealing with different providers.

  6. “Fair Providers” Badge: If a broadband provider consistently proves to be above board and fair, award them a “Fair Provider” badge or some kind of recognition on your site. This offers a balanced approach and provides users with genuinely good options.

  7. Affiliate Disclosure with a Twist: Your disclosure can state that you might earn a commission from some links, but this never influences the honesty of your reviews. Reinforce that your main aim is consumer protection.

  8. Regular Surveys: Run regular surveys asking users about their experiences. Present this data in easy-to-digest formats, showcasing which providers are the worst/best rated.

  9. Consumer Guides: Offer guides on how consumers can get the best out of their broadband service, deal with unfair practices, or switch providers without hassle.

  10. Myth Busting: Tackle common myths or misleading advertisements in the broadband industry.

  11. Provider Response Section: Offer broadband providers a chance to respond to criticism or feedback. This maintains a fair and balanced platform while holding companies accountable.

  12. Campaigns and Petitions: If you identify particularly egregious practices, consider starting online campaigns or petitions to push for change.

  13. Community Forum: A dedicated forum or discussion board where users can discuss their experiences, share tips, and support each other in dealing with problematic providers.

  14. Fair Affiliate Partnerships: While your positioning is consumer-centric and often critical, ensure you partner with affiliates who align with your values as closely as possible.

  15. Education: Hold webinars or live sessions educating users on the nuances of broadband contracts, understanding the fine print, or identifying unfair practices.